Juan Espadas: “Sevilla debe ser capital de referencia de la economía azul”.

Seville to call for “action” on blue economy commitments

Life Watercool - 27 April, 2021

Seville will host, on May 18 and 19, the first global forum on the blue economy in Spain, which, virtually, will involve more than sixty experts from politics, private enterprise and research, in order to “take action” on global commitments related to the preservation of the seas and oceans.

Blue Economy

The first edition of the “Summit40ceans Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event”, announced Tuesday at a telematic press conference, will analyze the challenges presented by an industry that, according to estimates by the European Commission, concentrates 5% of employment in Spain and contributes a gross value added of 32,700 million euros annually.

In the presentation of this event, co-organized by Fibes, participated the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas; the president of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and commissioner of the summit, Leire Pajín; the deputy secretary general of Union for the Mediterranean, Isidro González; the business director of Water Quality Pascual, Javier Peña and the content advisor of the event, Ignasi Ferrer.

The forum will promote the protection of the marine environment and the oceans as a great resource to take care of the planet and, in the mayor’s opinion, will give Seville the opportunity to commit itself to a global challenge from a regional perspective.

Adaptation to climate change

“In collaboration with the Andalusian cities, we must support private initiatives related to adaptation to climate change, strengthen our resilience for the coming years and consolidate the productive sectors linked to this strategic resource,” he added.

For her part, Pajín explained that Spain must address “concrete protection measures” aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and, in particular, with number 14, and has asked to involve agents from different areas to ensure a sustainable and productive future that, according to her words, is a bet “of all”.

In addition, the former socialist minister called on the business, academic and research sectors to jointly present innovative projects to take advantage of the “investment injection” of European funds for recovery, which will help to generate new areas of employment.

Protecting the Mediterranean

For Gonzalez, the summit will place Seville in the “center of the blue economy” and has described as a “major achievement” the joint ministerial declaration promoted by the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, which will mark a new agenda for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

Based on eighty points, the declaration has agreed, among other measures, to initiate the transition towards zero pollution, reduce the arrival of plastics in the seas, promote renewable energies and commit to sustainable coastal tourism.

In this line, Ferrer has insisted that this pioneering event will enable Spain to lead the source of new industries in Europe in a sector that has generated in the last twenty-four months “fourteen investment funds” linked to the blue economy.

Public-private collaboration

The forum will delve into topics such as legislation and tax advantages, the reconstruction of marine life, the restoration of healthy ocean ecosystems, the sustainable use of the oceans and public-private collaboration for the preservation of these natural spaces.

On behalf of the sponsors, Peña described the forum as an “opportunity” to point out the actions to be undertaken by private companies at a sustainable and economic level.

Thus, he showed Calidad Pascual’s commitment to sustainability through the reduction of plastics and packaging, their reuse and the commitment to produce all bottles with 100% recycled materials by 2021.

The two days of the summit will be attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas; the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque; the president of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and commissioner of the Summit, Leire Pajín; the president of the Chamber of Spain, Josep Lluís Bonet and the secretary general of the CEOE, José Alberto González-Ruiz, among other personalities. EFE


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