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LIFE Watercool and Cartuja Qanat in more media

Life Watercool - 7 March, 2022

The innovations of the Cartuja Qanat project applied in the LIFE Watercool project (LIFE 18 CCA/ES/001122) have aroused the interest of several media that have echoed the technology and works that are being applied for adaptation to climate change in the Macarena district in Seville.

In El País:

The newspaper El País has published this Sunday a report on the work being carried out from the Thermotechnics Group of the University of Seville, led by the professor of the University of Seville Servando Alvarez -who also leads the technological applications in the LIFE Watercool project- and explains the work that was done in Expo 92 and how the same updated techniques are being used to maintain climate comfort in three rooms of the Seville district and those that can be replicated in any other space in the city or other city.

The report also includes the testimony of the emeritus professor who led the team that developed the microclimate of the Expo, Ramón Velázquez, who points out that the qanat already existed in any Jewish quarter of Andalusia so “it was all done and we had it very close”, although it is a technique that “has not been applied to modern urban projects”.

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In 7 TV Andalucía

Also, on January 26, Professor José Sánchez Ramos -who is part of the team of the Thermotechnology Group of the University of Seville- spoke on the television program Tierra 7 of 7 TV Andalucía to explain the LIFE Watercool project and the techniques that are being used for its development.

You can listen to the intervention of Professor Sánchez Ramos in the following link:


Likewise, the Cope radio station has echoed some of the articles and calls for proposals published on the LIFE Watercool website:


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About LIFE18 CCA/ES/001122 

Water efficient systemic concept for climate change adaptation in urban areas.

Life Invasaqua is co-financed by the EU under the Life initiative and coordinated by Emasesa. This European project aims to: develop and test innovative solutions to cope with high temperatures, both outdoors and indoors, and with temporary water runoff and drought situations in an urban environment subject to climate change.

Partners: Emasesa, Alten, AgenciaEFE (@efeverde), Ayuntamiento de SevillaUniversidad de Sevilla

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