LIFE Watercool introduces innovative solutions for climate adaptation

Life Watercool - 26 November, 2021

Madrid, 26 nov (EFE).- The LIFE Watercool project incorporates innovative solutions for adapting to climate change into the management of Seville, considering water as its main ally for dealing with high temperatures.

The LIFE Watercool project, co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE programme, aims to create better climatic conditions for the urban environments of the Andalusian capital, reducing them by between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius in summer and generating 28 degrees Celsius of temperature in open areas and buildings.

To this end, it will create three comfort zones – depending on the time spent in them – to encourage the use of public space as a place for leisure or social gatherings, as explained by one of the technicians in charge of the project in an Emasesa video.

Juan Luis López Martínez, an engineer with Empresa Metropolitana de Agua y Saneamiento de Sevilla (Emasesa), explained that the work to redevelop and completely renovate the water supply and sewerage networks in Avenida de la Cruz Roja began on 14 July and the aim is to adapt the road and the surrounding area to climate change.

The works will also include the renovation of the lighting and irrigation network as part of the LIFE Watercool project to save 80 percent of run-off water and achieve climate comfort in three areas: short (a bus stop), medium (a bus shelter inside the Arias Montano school) and long stays (a square in front of the school).

According to López Martínez, the third objective of the LIFE Watercool project is the reduction of atmospheric pollutants, especially nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The works are planned in five phases, according to the Emasesa technician, who explained that they are currently in the second phase which has overlapped with the first phase consisting of the general change of the network infrastructures.

The third phase will include “the school square itself and Calle Manuel Villalobos”; the fourth phase will be in Calle Doctor Jiménez Díaz and the fifth in the street behind the school, which is Jorge de Montemayor.

At present, vehicle traffic has been cut off for the works, but this situation will be perpetuated once the works are completed because Avenida Cruz Roja will be converted into a pedestrian walkway, as part of a wider mobility plan being considered by Seville City Council.

Work on the LIFE Watercool project is scheduled for completion in August 2023. EFEverde


Information provided by EFEverde of Agencia EFE and published as part of its participation in the European Union’s Life WaterCool project.


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About LIFE18 CCA/ES/001122 

Water efficient systemic concept for climate change adaptation in urban areas.

Life Invasaqua is co-financed by the EU under the Life initiative and coordinated by Emasesa. This European project aims to: develop and test innovative solutions to cope with high temperatures, both outdoors and indoors, and with temporary water runoff and drought situations in an urban environment subject to climate change.

Partners: Emasesa, Alten, AgenciaEFE (@efeverde), Ayuntamiento de SevillaUniversidad de Sevilla

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